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    Garmin G1000 NXi System Software Version 3643.06

    I missed this, but back in October Garmin released G1000 NXi System Software Version 3643.06 under SB 22093.

    SB 22093

    This service bulletin provides notification for System Software Version 3643.06 and provides the following:

    • GTX™ 345(D)R ADS-B system software update to version 3.14 for improved 1090ES ADS-B/ ADS-R/TIS-B message reception processing (applicable to EMB-500 only)
    • Audio configuration update to provide improved audio output in support of the optional CVR (use and approval are the responsibility of the installer); refer also to Service Bulletin 22092.
    • New option to enable ATC audio to the cabin (GMA™ 1360D installations)
    • Configuration update to correct brake pressure parameter display on the OEM Diagnostics page
    • Configuration update to allow changes to the default page navigation timeout setting
    • Emergency Descent Mode (EDM) improvement to switch transponder code to 7700 with EDM activation
    • EDM configuration updated to set airspeed reference upper limit to 275 knots (EMB-500) and 250 knots (EMB-505)

    STC Service Bulletin 22093 may be incorporated at the owner’s discretion.

    At the same time they released also SB 22092, which is a mandatory service bulletin for NXi aircraft with the new GMA 1360D and a CVR installed.

    SB 22092

    Cross-side audio is not provided by GMA™ #1 to the optional third-party CVR. This service bulletin approves G1000 System Software Version 3643.06 as a required corrective action for this CVR interface non-compliance issue.

    This Service Bulletin is warranty reimbursable with a deadline of October 31, 2023.
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    I did this update to 3643.06 over the summer and paid $534.91 for the update. I don't meet the requirements of the SB (no third party CVR using the audio panel) for warranty coverage. But should the software loads have been covered under EEC Enhanced (with NXi coverage)? I couldn't tell from the NXi/EEC coverage documentation, oddly enough. Not a huge amount in the scheme of things, but I'll still take it!

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